ONE TO WATCH: "I'm Not From Here"

October 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As this blog has said repeatedly over the past few weeks, photography and film is an art form. It is about expression. So any photo or film should be making you feel something, some kind of emotion. Today's pick definitely does that, in a very subtle and gentle way.

"I'm Not From Here", a documentary from Chilean director Maite Alberdi and her Lithuanian counterpart Giedrė Žickytė, is a masterpiece in slow-release emotion. Dealing with a Basque woman who is living in a retirement home in Chile, it slowly introduces you to her character with firey dialogue mixed with long, lingering shots that make you sense the slow passage of time into old age, and the days adjoining one another. You'll find her funny, and think that, even if she is a little harsh on her fellow inmates at times, she's the only one who still has a clear head. But slowly, scene by scene, you begin to find it less and less funny as her struggle with Alzheimer's Disease becomes clearer and clearer. Its a well of emotions when that point hits your, though I don't want to give away the whole story.

It is available freely on the excellent NY Times "Op-Docs" Channel, which includes a dearth of brilliant documentaries, all available for free. If you've got twenty-five minutes to day to sit and ponder this particular work, I can't recommend it highly enough.



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