Robert Boughen | Equipment


My main camera for both stills and movie is the Sony Alpha 7s. This excellent camera offers a number of advantages. Being mirorless, it is compact and light. This can often confuse clients expecting a rather larger camera, but despite its small size, the a7s packs a good punch, with a full-frame sensor that captures images at 12.4MP. Whilst the number of megapixels is lower than a lot of its competitors, this allows the a7s an almost unmatched sensistivty to light. This makes it highly versatile, especially in low-light conditions, where it can operate up to 409600 ISO, and effectively shoot night for day. Whilst this level of correction is often not necessary or desired, this amount of sensitivity allows for more creative freedom in low-light conditions, with the a7s II able to operate with narrower apertures and faster shutter-speeds than other cameras.

Here's an awesome silhouette of me on top of Jebel Salah, in Medina, with the Sony a7s whilst filming a short documentary in Saudi Arabia with Philip Bloom, along with our Saudi fixers.


 (Photo by Philip Bloom)


Other bits of equipment include my Sunpak Ultra-pro 423 carbon-fibre tripod, a Speedlite 750II flash system, an a RØDE VideoMicro microphone.